Statement On The Proposed Milton CN Intermodal Hub

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I’m a long time resident of Milton who has made this town my home. I have always been committed to making sure that the concerns of Halton residents are heard and addressed.

I have been monitoring the developments of CN's proposed Intermodal Hub in our region for some time. This federal matter has been getting significant attention because of it's planned close proximity to residential areas. There have been calls for the province to get involved in this issue. I have significant concerns for the quality of life of local residents who live near the proposed CN rail hub. I am pleased to see that the Province of Ontario has decided to intervene.

I have written to the Federal Minister of Transport, expressing my concerns and have asked him to consider and address the local community's perspective. 

This is an initiative that could have a serious impact on the lives of local families. CN Rail is a public company that is being asked by federal regulators to respond to the important issues now being raised by Halton Region, municipalities and local families. Community voices are essential to good development. It is my expectation that these community concerns are listened to and strongly considered by federal regulators.

I continue to encourage the people of Halton to take part in the public feedback process that is currently underway. I am committed to making sure the voices of local residents are heard on this vital issue. This is an important proposal for our community that could have a significant impact on the lives of local families.